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electrode current density, Math - title
If the charging current is negligible, in the case of a single electrode reaction, the electrode current density (Math - text) of the electric current flowing through the electrode is related to the flux density of a species B by the equation:
Math - e
where Math - text is the normal component of the vector Math - text at the electrode-solution interface, Math - text is the charge number of the electrode reaction and Math - text is the stoichiometric number of species B. The ratio Math - ei is to be taken as positive if the species B is consumed in a cathodic reaction or produced in an anodic reaction. Otherwise it is to be taken as negative. With the convention that the normal distance vector points into the electrolytic solution, a cathodic current is then negative, an anodic current positive.
PAC, 1981, 53, 1827 (Nomenclature for transport phenomena in electrolytic systems) on page 1835
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