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cis conformation

Also contains definition of: trans conformation in polymers

in polymers
Conformations referring to torsion angles θ (A, B, C, D), where A, B, C, D are main-chain atoms, can be described as: cis or synperiplanar(C);gauche or synclinal(G);anticlinal(A); and trans or antiperiplanar(T), corresponding to torsion angles within ± 30° of, respectively, 0°, ± 120° and ± 180°. The letters shown in parentheses (upper case C, G, A, T) are the recommended abbreviations. The symbols G +, G − (or A +, G −, for example) refer to torsion angles of similar type but opposite known sign, i.e. ~ +60°, ~ -60° (or ~ +120°, -120° ). The notation G, G ̄ ; A, A ̄ (and T, T ̄ ; C, C ̄ - whenever the torsion angles are not exactly equal to 180° and 0°, respectively) is reserved for the designation of enantiomorph conformations, i.e. conformations of op- posite but unspecified sign. Where necessary, a deviation from the proper value of the torsion angle can be indicated by the sign (~), as in the following examples: G(~); G + (~); G − (~).
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