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Michaelis–Menten kinetics

The dependence of an initial rate of reaction upon the concentration of a substrate S that is present in large excess over the concentration of an enzyme or other catalyst (or reagent) E with the appearance of saturation behaviour following the Michaelis-Menten equation:
v = V S K m + S,
where v is the observed initial rate, V is its limiting value at substrate saturation (i.e. S ≫ K m), and K m the substrate concentration when v = V 2. The definition is experimental, i.e. it applies to any reaction that follows an equation of this general form. The symbols V max or v max are sometimes used for V. The parameters V and K m (the 'Michaelis constant') of the equation can be evaluated from the slope and intercept of a linear plot of v −1vs. S −1 (a 'Lineweaver–Burk plot') or from slope and intercept of a linear plot of vvs. v S ('Eadie–Hofstee plot'). A Michaelis–Menten equation is also applicable to the condition where E is present in large excess, in which case the concentration E appears in the equation instead of S. The term has sometimes been used to describe reactions that proceed according to the scheme:
E + S ⇄ k −1 k 1 ES → k cat Products
in which case K m = k −1 + k cat k 1 (Briggs–Haldane conditions). It has more usually been applied only to the special case in which k −1 ≫ k cat and K m = k −1 k 1 = K s; in this case K m is a true dissociation constant (Michaelis–Menten conditions).
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