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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This page contains answers to some common questions about the IUPAC Gold Book website.

Why are some entries in the index rendered in italics?

Many entries in the Gold Book include one or more subtitles. These usually define synonyms to the current term or other terms defined in the current entry.

Because the importance of such subtitles, we also incorporate them into the index. However, to distinguish the main title of an entry from a subtitle, italic script is used.

Why are some links in the text shown in blue color, while other have black color with orange underlining?

To improve navigation between related terms, we add many links between terms automatically in a post-processing step. For this purpose we use the goldify program (currently unavailable).

However, the automatic addition of links can lead to irrelevant links in some cases. Therefore we distinguish graphically between the original links, added by the author of an entry (blue colored links) and the ones created by goldify (gold underlined links). The latter are also accompanied by a tool-tip which is shown when a mouse cursor is placed over a link and which briefly explains the nature of the link.

Why are many symbols in the text created using pictures? Is it necessary for simple symbols like 'c'?

All mathematical content in the Gold Book is rendered into images, in order to ensure consistent display across all browsers and operating systems.

Consistency of display is also the reason why even very simple symbols are rendered as pictures, because it ensures the symbol inside an equation looks identically to the same symbol shown elsewhere in the text.