A physical method of separation in which the components to be separated are distributed between two phases, one of which is stationary (stationary phase) while the other (the mobile phase) moves in a definite direction.
See also: adsorption chromatography, affinity chromatography, column chromatography, displacement chromatography, elution chromatography, exclusion chromatography, frontal chromatography, gas chromatography, ion-exchange chromatography, isothermal chromatography, liquid chromatography, normal-phase chromatography, partition chromatography, planar chromatography, programmed-flow chromatography (flow programming), programmed-pressure chromatography (pressure programming), programmed-temperature chromatography (temperature programming), pyrolysis-gas chromatography, reaction chromatography, reversed-phase chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, two-dimensional chromatography
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