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Orange Book: IUPAC Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature. Second Edition, Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1987.

absorbed dose, D of radiation
accuracy of measurement
acidity constant
acid–base indicator
activation analysis (nuclear)
activation cross-section
active solid
additivity of mass spectra
adsorption chromatography
adsorption indicator
after mass analysis in mass spectrometry
ageing of precipitate
amphiprotic (solvent)
amplitude of alternating current
asymmetry potential of a glass electrode
atomic fluorescence
atomic spectral lines
atomization in analytical flame spectroscopy
atomizer in analytical flame spectroscopy
attenuation coefficient
auto-ionization in mass spectrometry
auxiliary electrode
β-cleavage in mass spectrometry
background mass spectrum
background radiation
band spectra
base peak in mass spectrometry
bed volume in chromatography
before mass analysis in mass spectrometry
blaze-angle in spectrochemical analysis
buffer-addition technique in analytical flame spectroscopy
Bunsen burner
bypass injector in gas chromatography
carrier gas
chamber saturation in gas chromatography
chemi-ionization in mass spectrometry
chemical actinometer
chemical dosimeter
chemical ionization in mass spectrometry
chromatographic detector
clean up in spectrochemical analysis
coagulation (flocculation) in colloid chemistry
collector (scavenger)
collisional broadening of a spectral line
colour indicator
column in chromatography
column volume, V c in chromatography
concentration distribution ratio, D c in chromatography
corrected retention volume in gas chromatography
counting loss
coupled simultaneous techniques in analysis
dead-volume in chromatography
deflection (for a precision balance)
delayed fluorescence
delayed luminescence
derivative potentiometric titration
desolvation in flame spectroscopy
deviation, d
differential detector in chromatography
differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
differential thermal analysis (DTA)
direct-injection burner (for analytical flame spectroscopy)
discontinuous simultaneous techniques in analysis
dispersion (for spectroscopic instruments)
displacement chromatography
distribution constant in chromatography
distribution ratio, D in liquid-liquid distribution
double-beam spectrometer (for luminescence spectroscopy)
double-focusing mass spectrometer
dynamic field(s) mass spectrometer
dynamic thermomechanometry
effective cadmium cut-off energy in nuclear analytical chemistry
effective theoretical plate number of a chromatographic column
effective thermal cross-section
effectively infinite thickness in flame spectroscopy
efficiency of atomization in analytical flame spectroscopy
efficiency of nebulization, ɛ n in flame spectrometry
electrical arc
elution band in chromatography
elution chromatography
elution curve
emission spectrum
energy dispersion in emission spectrometry
enrichment factor, S in liquid-liquid distribution
error of measurement
evolved gas analysis (EGA)
evolved gas detection (EGD)
excitation energy
excitation spectrum
extract (noun)
extract (verb)
extraction coefficient
extraction (equilibrium) constant
Faraday cup (or cylinder) collector
field ionization in mass spectrometry
flow-programmed chromatography
fluorescence yield
formation constant
fragment ion in mass spectrometry
fronting in chromatography
FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum)
gas chromatography (GC)
gas-liquid chromatography
gas-solid chromatography
gated photodetector
gradient elution in chromatography
gradient layer in chromatography
gradient packing
ground state
half-width of a band
height equivalent to a theoretical plate in chromatography
height equivalent to an effective theoretical plate in chromatography
hold-up volume in chromatography
indicator electrode
indicator (visual)
injection temperature in chromatography
instrumental indication (for a precision balance)
intensity (relative to base peak) in mass spectrometry
interchromophoric radiationless transition
interconal region
interfering lines
intermolecular radiationless transition
internal conversion
interstitial fraction in chromatography
interstitial velocity in chromatography
interstitial volume in gas chromatography
intersystem crossing
interzonal region
intrachromophoric radiationless transition
iodometric titration
ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) mass spectrometer
ion microscopy
ion/molecule reaction in mass spectrometry
ionization buffer in flame spectroscopy
ionization by sputtering
ionization efficiency curve in mass spectrometry
ionizing voltage
isobaric mass-change determination
isotopic ion
kinetic current
laser beam ionization
laser ionization in mass spectrometry
laser micro emission spectroscopy (LAMES)
laser micro mass spectrometry (LAMMS)
laser Raman microanalysis (LRMA)
laws of distribution in precipitation
layer equilibrium in chromatography
limit of detection in analysis
linear (decadic) attenuation coefficient in optical spectroscopy
linear dispersion
liquid volume in gas chromatography
liquid-gel chromatography
liquid-liquid distribution (extraction) (partition)
liquid-liquid extraction
load (on a precision balance)
local efficiency of atomization, ɛ a in flame spectrometry
local fraction atomized, χ a, β a in flame emission and absorption spectrometry
local fraction desolvated, χ s, β s in flame emission and absorption spectrometry
local fraction volatilized, χ v, β v in flame emission and absorption spectrometry
low pressure electrical discharge
macroscopic cross-section
magnetic deflection in mass spectrometry
mass distribution ratio in chromatography
mass spectrometer
mass spectrometry
mass spectrum
McLafferty rearrangement in mass spectrometry
mean (average), x ̄
mean interstitial velocity of the carrier gas in chromatography
mechanical entrapment
microscopic cross-section, σ>
milligram equivalent of readability of a precision balance
mixed crystal (solid solution)
mixed indicator
mobile phase in chromatography
modified active solid in chromatography
molecular anion
molecular cation
molecular ion in mass spectrometry
monolayer capacity
natural broadening of a spectral line
negative ion in mass spectrometry
Nier–Johnson geometry
no-load indication (for a precision balance)
nominal linear flow, F in chromatography
nucleation in colloid chemistry
occlusion (molecular)
open-tubular column in chromatography
operational pH standard
oxidation–reduction (redox) titration
packing in column chromatography
parent ion in mass spectrometry
partition chromatography
peak area in chromatography
peak base in chromatography
peak current
peak elution volume (time), V ̄ R, t ̄ R in column chromatography
peak fitting
peak height in chromatography
peak in chromatography
peak maximum in chromatography
peak resolution, R s in chromatography
peak widths in chromatography
Penning gas mixture
permeation chromatography
phase fluorimetry
phase ratio, β in chromatography
photoelectrical effect
photoelectron spectroscopy (PES)
pile-up in radioanalytical chemistry
plasma in spectrochemistry
precipitation from homogeneous solution (pfhs) in analysis
precision of a balance
precision of a weighing
precision of indication of a balance
precursor ion in mass spectrometry
premix burner in flame spectroscopy
pressure gradient correction factor in gas chromatography
primary pH standards
progenitor ion in mass spectrometry
prolate trochoidal mass spectrometer
protonation constant
pyroelectric detector
quadrupole mass analyser
quantum counter
radial electrostatic field analyser in mass spectrometry
radiation chemistry
radiationless transition
radiative transition
range in analysis
rate of liquid consumption in flame spectroscopy
rate of nucleation
readability of a balance
rearrangement ion in mass spectrometry
recovery factor in an extraction process
reference electrode
relative retention, r in column chromatography
relative standard deviation, s r, σ r
releaser in analytical flame spectroscopy
resolution in mass spectroscopy
resolving power in mass spectrometry
rest point of a balance
retention index, I in column chromatography
retention temperature in chromatography
retention volumes in chromatography
reversed direct-injection burner in analytical flame spectroscopy
reversed-phase chromatography
R F value in chromatography
sample injector in chromatography
saturated solution
secondary electron multiplier in mass spectrometry
selective elution in chromatography
self-absorption broadening of a spectral line
sensitivity in mass spectrometry
sensitivity, A in metrology and analytical chemistry
separated flame in flame spectroscopy
separation factor, α A , B in liquid-liquid distribution
series of analytical results
simulation technique in analysis
single-focusing mass spectrometer
solid support in column chromatography
solid volume in column chromatography
solubility product
solute-volatilization interference in flame spectroscopy
solvent front in chromatography
solvent migration-distance in chromatography
spark (source) ionization in mass spectrometry
spatial-distribution interference in flame spectroscopy
specific retention volume in chromatography
spectral interference in flame spectroscopy
spectrochemical buffer in atomic spectroscopy
spectrochemical carrier in atomic spectroscopy
spin conservation rule (Wigner rule)
spot in chromatography
sprayer in flame spectroscopy
standard deviation, s
standard solution
standard subtraction method in electroanalytical chemistry
starting line in chromatography
static fields mass spectrometer
stationary phase in chromatography
stationary-phase fraction
step height in chromatography
step in chromatography
stepwise elution in chromatography
stripping solution in liquid-liquid distribution
support plate in chromatography
tailing in chromatography
temperature-programmed chromatography
thermal analysis
thermal ionization in mass spectrometry
thermogravimetry (TG)
thin-layer chromatography
time-of-flight mass spectrometer
titration curve
titration error
titre (titer)
torsional braid analysis
total ion current in mass spectrometry
transition interval in titrimetric analysis
transmission high energy electron diffraction (THEED)
transport interference in flame spectroscopy
true coincidence in radiochemistry
UV photoelectron spectroscopy
value of a division of a precision balance scale
vapour phase interference in analysis
variance V, σ 2
volume of the stationary phase in chromatography
volumetric flowrate in gas chromatography
Westcott cross-section
working electrode
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
Zeeman effect
zero point of scale of a balance
zone in chromatography