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Purple Book: IUPAC Compendium of Macromolecular Nomenclature. Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, 1991.

adjacent re-entry model in polymer crystals
anticlined structures in polymers
Archibald's method
average degree of polymerization
Avrami equation
axialite in polymer crystals
bead-rod model
bead-spring model
branching index in polymers
chain axis of a polymer
(chain) conformational repeating unit of a polymer
chain folding in polymer crystals
(chain) identity period of a polymer
chain-orientational disorder in polymer crystals
characteristic ratio in polymers
cis conformation in polymers
cistactic polymer
class of helix in polymers
co-solvency in polymers
compositional heterogeneity of polymers
condensation polymerization (polycondensation)
configurational disorder in polymers
configurational homosequence in polymers
conformational disorder in polymers
constitutional heterogeneity of polymers
constitutional homosequence
contour length in polymers
copolymer micelle
cross-over concentration, c *
crystalline polymer
degree of crystallinity of a polymer
degrees of cistacticity and transtacticity
degrees of triad isotacticity, syndiotacticity, and heterotacticity
depolarization of scattered light
diastereoisomeric units in a polymer
diisotactic polymer
dilute solution
dissymmetry of scattering
distribution function in polymers
disyndiotactic polymer
ditactic polymer
enantiomeric units in a polymer
end-to-end distance in polymers
end-to-end vector in polymers
equilibrium sedimentation
equivalence postulate in polymer chemistry
equivalent chain in polymers
erythro structures in a polymer
excess Rayleigh ratio
excluded volume of a macromolecule in polymers
excluded volume of a segment in polymers
expansion factor in polymers
extended-chain crystal in polymers
extraction fractionation of polymers
fibrous crystal in polymers
Flory–Huggins theory
fold domain in polymer crystals
fold in polymer crystals
fold plane in polymer crystals
fold surface in polymer crystals
folded-chain crystal in polymers
fractionation of polymers
freely draining
freely jointed chain in polymers
freely rotating chain in polymers
frictional coefficient, f in polymer chemistry
fringed-micelle model in polymer crystals
gauche conformation in polymers
geometrical equivalence in polymers
globular-chain crystal in polymers
graft copolymerization
Guinier plot
helix residue in a polymer
helix sense
heterochain polymer
heterotactic polymer
heterotactic triads in polymers
homochain polymer
Huggins coefficient, k H
Huggins equation
hydrodynamic volume in polymers
hydrodynamically equivalent sphere in polymers
inherent viscosity of a polymer
intrinsic viscosity of a polymer
isoclined structures in polymers
isomorphous structures in polymers
Kratky plot
lamellar crystal
large particle in radiation scattering
lateral order in a polymer
lath crystal
lattice distortion
line repetition groups
local conformation of a polymer
logarithmic normal distribution of a macromolecular assembly
long spacing in polymer crystals
long-range intramolecular interaction in polymers
longitudinal order in a polymer
macromolecular isomorphism
Mark–Houwink equation
mass-distribution function
meso structures in polymers
molar-mass exclusion limit in polymers
molecular conformation of a polymer
molecular nucleation in polymers
molecular-weight exclusion limit in polymers
most probable distribution (in macromolecular assemblies)
multilayer aggregate in polymer crystals
number-distribution function
parallel-chain crystal in polymers
partially draining
particle scattering function
persistence length in polymers
perturbed dimensions in polymers
Poisson distribution
polymer crystal
polymer crystallite
polymer-poor phase
polymer-rich phase
polymer–solvent interaction
polymolecularity correction
precipitation fractionation of polymers
preferential sorption in polymers
primary crystallization
quality of solvent in polymer chemistry
quasi-single-strand polymer
racemo structures in polymers
radius of gyration, s
random coil in polymers
Rayleigh ratio
reduced viscosity of a polymer
refractive index increment in polymer chemistry
regular block in a polymer
regular single-strand polymer
relative viscosity
relative viscosity increment
reorganization in polymers
root-mean-square end-to-end distance, < r 2 > 1 / 2 in polymers
rotational diffusion
scattering angle, θ
scattering vector
Schulz–Zimm distribution
secondary crystallization
sedimentation coefficient, s
sedimentation equilibrium
sedimentation velocity method
segregation in polymers
selective solvent in polymer chemistry
shish-kebab structure
short-range intramolecular interactions in polymers
size-exclusion chromatography (SEC)
small particle in radiation scattering
spreading function in chromatography
statistical segment in polymers
stem in polymer crystals
stereohomosequence in a polymer
stereoselective polymerization
stereosequence in a polymer
stereospecific polymerization
steric factor in polymers
streaming birefringence
structural disorder
switchboard model in polymer crystals
syndiotactic triads in polymers
θ state in polymers
θ temperature in polymers
tactic block in a polymer
tactic block polymer
thermodynamic quality of solvent in polymer chemistry
thermodynamically equivalent sphere in polymer chemistry
tie molecule in polymers
transtactic polymer
tritactic polymer
Tung distribution of a macromolecular assembly
turbidimetric titration
turbidity, τ in light scattering
unit cell
universal calibration in chromatography
unperturbed dimensions in polymers
virial coefficients
viscosity function, Φ
worm-like chain in polymers
Zimm plot