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PAC, 1976, 46, 71. Manual of Symbols and Terminology for Physicochemical Quantities and Units - Appendix II. Definitions, Terminology and Symbols in Colloid and Surface Chemistry. Part II: Heterogeneous Catalysis, doi:10.1351/pac197646010071

abstraction process in catalysis
activated adsorption process
active centre
active site in heterogeneous catalysis
adsorption complex
batch reactor
capillary condensation
catalyst ageing
catalyst decay
catalytic dehydrocyclization
catalytic hydrocracking
catalytic hydrodesulfurization
catalytic hydrogenolysis
catalytic methanation
catalytic reforming
charge-transfer adsorption
coherent structure
compensation in catalysis
competitive inhibition of catalysis
decay time in heterogenous catalysis
dissociative adsorption (dissociative chemisorption)
dissociative surface reaction
external surface
feed rate in catalysis
flow reactor
fluidized bed
fractional selectivity in catalysis
gradientless reactor in catalysis
heterolytic dissociative adsorption
homolytic dissociative adsorption
ideal adsorbed state
immobile adsorption
internal surface
localized adsorption
macropore in catalysis
mean residence time of adsorbed molecules
mesopore in catalysis
micropore filling in catalysis
micropore in catalysis
micropore volume in catalysis
mobile adsorption
monolayer capacity
multilayer adsorption
net in surface chemistry
non-dissociative chemisorption
outgassing of a catalyst
percentage exposed in metallic catalysts
physisorption (physical adsorption)
plug-flow in catalysis
polyfunctional catalysis
pore size distribution
pretreatment of a catalyst
promoter in catalysis
pulse reactor in catalysis
reactive adsorption
regeneration of a catalyst
relative selectivity in catalysis
selective poisoning in catalysis
self-poisoning in catalysis
shape selectivity in catalysis
sorptive insertion in surface catalysis
space time in catalysis
space velocity in catalysis
specific pore volume of a catalyst
sticking coefficient in surface chemistry
sticking probability in surface chemistry
stirred flow reactor in catalysis
structure of a catalyst
support of a catalyst
temporary poisoning in catalysis
texture of a catalyst
time of deactivation in heterogeneous catalysis
turnover frequency in catalysis
unactivated adsorption process
van der Waals adsorption