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PAC, 1984, 56, 231. Nomenclature, symbols, units and their usage in spectrochemical analysis-Part VI: molecular luminescence spectroscopy, doi:10.1351/pac198456020231

anti-Stokes type radiation (fluorescence)
corrected emission spectrum
corrected excitation spectrum
delayed fluorescence
energy yield of luminescence
enhanced phosphorescence analysis in luminescence spectroscopy
excimer-luminescence in luminescence quenching
exciplex-luminescence in luminescence quenching
excitation-emission spectrum
flash fluorimetry (phosphorimetry)
flash lamps
front surface geometry in luminescence
lifetime of luminescence
linear polarizer
luminescence quenching
luminescence spectrometer
measured excitation spectrum
post-filter effect in luminescence spectroscopy
pre-filter effect in luminescence spectroscopy
quantum counter
radiationless transition
radiative transition
refraction effects
self-absorption effect in luminescence spectroscopy
sensitized luminescence
single-beam (luminescence) spectrometer
singlet-singlet absorption
singlet-triplet absorption
spin conservation rule (Wigner rule)
Stokes type radiation
synchronously excited (fluorescence, phosphorescence) spectrum
temperature effect in luminescence spectroscopy
triplet-triplet absorption