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PAC, 1985, 57, 1491. Recommended terms, symbols, and definitions for electroanalytical chemistry (Recommendations 1985), doi:10.1351/pac198557101491

adsorption current
alternating current
alternating voltage
amplitude of alternating current
amplitude of alternating voltage
apex current
applied potential
area of an electrode-solution interface
average rate of flow in polarography
base electrolyte
bulk concentration in electroanalysis
catalytic current
characteristic potential
current migration
diffusion current constant in polarography
diffusion current (or diffusion-controlled current)
direct current
double-layer current
drop time in polarography
electroactive substance
faradaic current
faradaic demodulation current
faradaic rectification current
half-peak potential
half-wave potential
indifferent electrolyte
instantaneous current
instantaneous rate of flow in polarography
limiting adsorption current
limiting catalytic current
limiting current
limiting diffusion current
limiting kinetic current
limiting migration current
mass-transfer-controlled electrolyte rate constant
migration current
peak current
peak potential
periodic voltage
pulse duration in electroanalytical chemistry
quarter-transition-time potential
residual current
response constant in electroanalytical chemistry
sampling interval in electroanalysis
sampling time in electroanalysis
square-wave current
summit current in polarography
summit potential
supporting electrolyte
thickness of reaction layer in electrochemistry
transition time in electroanalytical chemistry
voltage in electroanalysis
voltammetric constant
wave height (electrochemical)