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PAC, 1986, 58, 437. Interphases in systems of conducting phases (Recommendations 1985), doi:10.1351/pac198658030437

bending of energy bands
electrified interphase
electrocapillary equation
electron work function, Φ
entitic quantity
Esin and Markov coefficient
extent of an interface (surface)
Fermi energy
Fermi level, E F
flat band potential (at a semiconductor/solution interphase)
ideally polarized (electrified) interphase
ideally unpolarized (electrified) interphase
inner Helmholtz plane (IHP)
interfacial layer
interfacial region
Lippman's equation
non-specific adsorption
real (electrified) interphase
real surface (interface) area
roughness factor (rugosity) of a surface
space charge in a semiconductor
specific adsorption
superequivalent adsorption
surface states
surface stress, T i j