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PAC, 2004, 76, 889. Definitions of terms relating to reactions of polymers and to functional polymeric materials (IUPAC Recommendations 2003), doi:10.1351/pac200476040889

biodegradable polymer
chelating polymer
chemical amplification
chemical modification
conducting polymer
electroluminescent polymer
ferroelectric polymer
ferromagnetic polymer
functional polymer
grafting in polymer chemistry
impact-modified polymer
interchange reaction
ion-exchange polymer
liquid-crystalline polymer
living polymer
macroporous polymer
main-chain scission
Mechano-chemical reaction
non-linear optical polymer
optically active polymer
photo-elastic polymer
photoluminescent polymer
photosensitive polymer
piezoelectric polymer
polymer catalyst
polymer compatibilizer
polymer complexation
polymer cyclization
polymer degradation
polymer drug
polymer functionalization
polymer membrane
polymer phase-transfer catalyst
polymer reactant
polymer reaction
polymer solvent
polymer sorbent
polymer support
polymer surfactant
polymer-metal complex
polymer-supported catalyst
polymer-supported reaction
protection of a reactive group
radiation reaction
reactive blending
reactive polymer
redox polymer
resist polymer
shape-memory polymer
superabsorbent polymer
surface grafting
telechelic polymer
thermosetting polymer