polymer blend

Macroscopically homogeneous mixture of two or more different species of polymer.
  1. In most cases, blends are homogeneous on scales larger than several times the wavelengths of @VT07496@ light.
  2. In principle, the constituents of a blend are separable by physical means.
  3. No account is taken of the @MT07230@ or @IT07239@ of the @C01281@ macromolecules, i.e., no assumption is made regarding the number of phase domains present.
  4. The use of the term @PT07264@ for a polymer blend is discouraged, as the former term includes multiphase copolymers but excludes incompatible polymer blends.
  5. The number of @M03667@ components which comprise a blend is often designated by an adjective, viz. binary, ternary, quaternary, etc.
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