synthetic graphite
A material consisting of graphitic carbon which has been obtained by graphitizing of non-graphitic carbon by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) from hydrobcarbons at temperatures above 2500 K, by decomposition of thermally unstable carbides or by crystallizing from metal melts supersaturated with carbon.
The term @A00460@ is often used as a synonym for synthetic @G02684@. The term synthetic @G02684@ is preferred, however, since @G02684@ crystals can be considered to consist of carbon macromolecules. Although the term synthetic @G02684@ also covers the CVD product @P04964@ as well as the residues of carbide @D01547@, it is predominantly used for @G02693@. Such common use is in line with the above definition. Synonyms for this most important type of synthetic @G02684@ are @A00068@ and @E01967@.
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