Frequently Asked Questions

The format of the website has changed but the content has not been updated, why not?

This version of the Gold Book website was specifically to address stability of the site and to use new technology to generate the content. IUPAC Project 2016-046-1-024 through which the new site was developed had a mandate only to redevelop the site not the pages. However, a second phase is underway to update and expand the content of the Gold Book over the next two years. More information will be added here when these projects are approved.

Where is the Goldify functionality?

This has not been implemented in the new website. Discussions are ongoing about how to implement the functionality in a way that allows IUPAC to gather usage information to ensure it is being used appropriately to represent the entries in the Gold Book.

Why is this Version 3.0 of the Gold Book?

Even though the content of the entries in the Gold Book have not changed (except for a few obvious typos, this is a completely new version of the website and has been desginated version 3.0 to differentiate it from the 2.0 version done in XML.

Where is the structure search?

This is still under development.

Where is the Python-based search functionality?

This has been replaced by the search box at the top of the page.

Where is the sitemap?

This is still under development.

Where is the goldbook_terms.xml file?

This has been replaced with the downloadable vocabulary (on the left) in both XML and JSON.

Where are the InChIKey pages?

These are still under development.