Version History of the XML Gold Book


2020-03-30: Release 3.0.1.
This release provides definition updates resulting from the revision of the SI.

2019-07-01: Release 3.0.
This release is the first version of the dynamic website built as part of IUPAC Project 2016-046-1-024. New features include:

2017-06-25: Release 2.4.
This release provides a small number of definition updates.

2017-03-27: Release 2.3.3b.
This release is a stabilized version of the pages in 2.3.3. No entries have been change, however page updates that have been made include

The next revision will be a completely new version of the Gold Book website, with dynamically generated pages and new features, see IUPAC Project 2016-046-1-024 for details.

2014-02-24: Release 2.3.3.
This release fixes typing error in one term (not present in original sources) and removes misleading link from another term.

2012-08-19: Release 2.3.2.
This release fixes long-standing errors in two terms that were present in original sources and unfortunately slipped through all proofreadings.

2012-03-23: Release 2.3.1.
This release fixes a typing error in one term.

2011-10-11: Release 2.3.
In this release many entries without an actual content, but containing only a link to a related item, were removed. Such entries were merged into the linked entries as subtitles, which means they still exist in the index. This led to a decrease in the number of pages from 7024 to 6414, but the number of index entries remains the same. Also, starting with this release, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page was introduced and a PDF rendering of the whole Gold Book is available for download.

2010-12-22: Release 2.2.
The main new feature of this release is the introduction of PDF version of Gold Book definitions. PDFs are created from the same source as HTML pages, so 100% correspondence of content should be guaranteed. To download the PDFs, use a link at the bottom of each page. Note: this feature is now in a testing phase. Once it is mature enough, we might give it a more prominent place and consider providing more versions of the PDF output.
In this release, the display of automatically added links was changed to distinguish them visually from links added by authors.

2010-11-29: Release 2.1.6.
This release contains a new definition of chemical shift.

2009-09-07: Release 2.1.5.
This release contained a new service that allows users to try the goldify software online (currently unavailable).

2009-09-02: Release 2.1.4.
This release updates a reference of source document in the definition of pH and adds explicit edition number to references of the second edition of the IUPAC Green Book. It also includes a minor fix in the fulltext search function.

2009-07-28: Release 2.1.3.
This release fixes an error in one term.

2009-07-03: Release 2.1.2.
This minor update does not include any updates of the actual content of the GoldBook. It features a redesigned index of sum formulas and new resource files related to the software tools introduced in the previous release.

2009-07-02: Release 2.1.1.
This minor update does not include any updates of the actual content of the GoldBook. It features a redesigned index of quantities, improvements of the HTML code structure and a few minor fixes. The most important new feature is the introduction of software tools that enable automatic addition of links to Gold Book terms into text and HTML documents.

2009-06-16: Release 2.1.0.
New major update to the online version of the Gold Book. Almost 300 entries were either added or updated. There are additional improvements, such as better positioning of mathematical formulas on a line, acronyms as part of the title in alphabetical index, improved support for names of characters (such as alpha, lambda) in fulltext search, improved alternative text for images of mathematical formulas and other smaller changes. This release also included a brand-new structure search which complemented the standard text-based search.

2009-03-17: Release 2.0.4.
InChI metadata were updated to the standard InChI and InChIKey.

2009-02-17: Release 2.0.3.
This is maintenance release containing fixes in several entries.

2008-10-07: Release 2.0.2.
This is maintenance release containing a fix in the value of Faraday constant.

2008-09-12: Release 2.0.1.
This is maintenance release containing a few fixes in the information about the XML Gold Book project and adding release date to the information on each page. There are no changes in the content.

2008-09-04: Release 2.0.0.
This major update brings more than 300 new terms prepared by Aubrey Jenkins from new IUPAC Reports and Recommendations, new and better rendering of mathematical equations, many updates and fixes to existing terms, new server-side search and addition of InChIKey alongside InChI into the page metadata. DOIs were registered for all Gold Book entries (you can find them on pages of individual terms) as well as for the Gold Book itself.

2008-02-28: Release 1.1.2.
Before a planned major update we have decided to publish a minor bugfix release. It contains fixes of several errors in the content and in the chemistry indexes. Also, few obsolete indexes were removed and the source information for PAC articles were updated.

2007-07-12: Release 1.1.1.
In this release one error was fixed (1) and the incremental search usability was improved (thanks to Robert M. Hanson).

2006-12-11: Release 1.1.0.
In this release three errors were fixed (1, 2, 3). The page of each entry now features links to a printer friendly version and a page containing history of the term. RSS feed was created that will notify users about new releases of the Gold Book.

2006-09-29: Release 1.0.0.
First release published after the review and approval of both IUPAC committees involved (CPEP (now CPCDS) and ICTNS).

Preview releases

2006-09-13: Fifth (and last) preview release (0.5.0). This release contains an updated "about" section and some minor changes in other parts of the site. It is the last preview release before the site will be moved onto the IUPAC website and release 1.0.0 will be made.

2006-09-11: First revision of the fourth public preview release (0.4.1). In this release several minor fixes were introduced throughout the Gold Book. This release also introduces InChIs for all the chemical structures as meta-data inside each entry.

2006-09-01: Fourth public preview release (0.4.0). This release was focused on cleanup of problems discovered during the review process. Most importantly, rendering of symbols of vector quantities was fixed. Also, several changes were made throughout the publication, improving usability and consistency.

2006-05-19: Third public preview release (0.3.0). In this release, all new entries submitted by Aubrey Jenkins were added (242 items), sorting of the entries was fixed to match that of the printed version, the HTML code was slightly revised to improve readability and some minor problems were fixed.

2006-04-29: Second public preview release (0.2.0). Almost one-third of the entries were updated from the first preliminary public release. These were mainly small fixes (typically in missing punctuation), but there were also many more serious problems such as missing reactions or formulas. Overall the Gold Book should be now prepared for public review.

2005-05-27: Minor fixes (0.1.1).

2005-03-17: First public preview release (0.1.0).