carbene analogues
The electrically neutral mononuclear hydrides of group 14 having two non-bonding electrons, the electrically neutral mononuclear hydrides of group 15 having four non-bonding electrons, and also the compound HB:. The names of a number of these are shown below.
RB: boranylidenes RAs: arsanylidenes
RN: nitrenes R2Sn: stannylidenes
R2Si: silylenes RSb: stibanylidenes
RP: phosphanylidenes R2Pb: plumbylidenes
R2Ge: germylidenes
Note that if R = H, these compounds are parent hydrides; derivatives formed by substitution are named accordingly. However, if the substituent's first atom, bearing the free @V06588@, is of the same element as the atom of the carbene analogue, other parent compounds may be required (see @C00806@), e.g. HN: nitrene; CH3N: methylnitrene; H2NN: @D01686@ (synonym @I03273@, not @A00280@).
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