carbonaceous mesophase
A liquid-crystalline state of @[email protected] which shows the optical birefringence of disc-like (discotic) nematic liquid crystals. It can be formed as an intermediate phase during @[email protected] (@[email protected]) of an @[email protected] molten @[email protected] or by @[email protected] from @[email protected] fractions prepared by selective @[email protected] Generally, the spherical @[email protected] precipitated from a pyrolysing @[email protected] has the @[email protected] With continuous heat treatment the carbonaceous @[email protected] coalesces to a state of @[email protected] before @[email protected] to @[email protected] with further loss of hydrogen or [email protected]@ compounds.
In the formation of carbonaceous @[email protected] by @[email protected] (@[email protected]) of @[email protected] molten @[email protected], the development of a @[email protected] is accompanied by simultaneous aromatic @[email protected] reactions. The reactivity of @[email protected] with increasing heat treatment temperature and its thermosetting nature are responsible for the lack of a true reversible thermotropic @[email protected] for the @[email protected] in most pitches. Due to its glass-like nature most of the liquid-crystalline characteristics are retained in the super-cooled solid state.
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