cathodic transfer coefficient, \(\alpha_{\text{c}}\)
For a reaction with a single rate-determining step \[\frac{\alpha _{\text{c}}}{\nu } = -\frac{R\ T}{n\ F}\ (\frac{\partial (\ln (|I_{\text{c}}|))}{\partial E})_{T,p,c_{i},...}\] where \(\alpha _{\text{c}}\) is the cathodic transfer @C01124@ (number), \(R\) is the @G02579@, \(T\) is the @T06321@, and \(\nu \) the @S06025@ giving the number of identical activated complexes formed and destroyed in the completion of the overall reaction as formulated with the transfer of \(n\) electrons.
PAC, 1974, 37, 499. (Electrochemical nomenclature) on page 515 [Terms] [Paper]