fluence rate, \(E_{\unicode{x26ac}}\)

Also contains definitions of: radiant energy fluence rate, spherical irradiance
Total @[email protected], \(P\), incident from all directions onto a small sphere divided by the cross-sectional area of that sphere. SI unit is \(\text{W m}^{-2}\).
  1. Mathematical definition: \(E_{\text{o}} = \frac{\text{d}P}{\text{d}S} = \frac{\text{d}H_{\text{o}}}{\text{d}t}\). If the @[email protected] is constant over the area \(S\), \(E_{\text{o}} = \frac{P}{S}\). Equivalent definition: \(E_{\text{o}} = \int_{4\pi}L\text{d}\varOmega\), with \(\varOmega\) the solid @[email protected] of each beam passing through the given point on the surface and \(L\) the @[email protected] of the beam at that point.
  2. Fluence rate is identical to spherical irradiance and reduces to @[email protected], \(E\), for a parallel and perpendicularly incident beam not scattered or reflected by the target or its surroundings.
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