homogeneous polymer blend

Also contains definition of: miscible polymer blend
@P04736-[email protected] that is a single-phase structure.
  1. Modified from previous definition. The definition proposed here is preferred because it emphasizes the requirement for homogeneity over @[email protected]
  2. For a @[email protected] to be miscible it must obey the thermodynamic criteria of @[email protected]
  3. @[email protected] is sometimes assigned erroneously on the basis that a blend exhibits a single \(T_{\text{g}}\) or is optically clear.
  4. The miscible system can be thermodynamically @[email protected] or @[email protected]
  5. For components of chain structures that would be expected to be miscible, @[email protected] may not occur if molecular architecture is changed, e.g., by @[email protected]
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