The equation describing the dependence of the @[email protected] of a polymer on its @[email protected] (@[email protected]) and having the form: \[[\eta] = K\cdot M_{\text{r}}^{a}\] where \([\eta]\) is the intrinsic @[email protected], \(K\) and \(a\) are constants the values of which depend on the nature of the polymer and solvent as well as on temperature and \(M_{\text{r}}\) is usually one of the @[email protected] averages.
  1. The use of this equation with the @[email protected] (@[email protected]) is recommended, rather than with molar mass (which has the dimension of mass divided by @[email protected]), since in the latter case the constant \(K\) assumes awkward and @[email protected] dimensions owing to the fractional and @[email protected] nature of the exponent \(a\).
  2. Kuhn and Sakurada have also made important contributions and their names are sometimes included, as, for example, in the Kuhn–Mark–Houwink–Sakurada equation.
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