Compounds containing an oxygen atom, =O, doubly bonded to carbon or another element. The term thus embraces @[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected], @[email protected] and @[email protected] Oxo used as an adjective (and thus separated by a space) modifying another class of compound, as in @[email protected], indicates the presence of an oxo substituent at any position. To indicate a double-bonded oxygen that is part of a ketonic structure, the term @[email protected] is sometimes used as a prefix, but such use has been abandoned by IUPAC for naming specific compounds. A traditional use of @[email protected] is for indicating @[email protected] of CHOH to C=O in a parent compound that contains OH groups, such as @[email protected], e.g. 3-ketoglucose.
ketoaldonic acids
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