A @[email protected] in which the growth of polymer @[email protected] proceeds by addition reactions between molecules of all @[email protected]
  1. The growth steps are expressed by: \[\text{P}_{x} + \text{P}_{y}\rightarrow \text{P}_{x + y}\hspace{35pt} \{x\}\in \{1,2, \dots \infty\}; \{y\}\in \{1,2, \dots \infty \}\] where \(\text{P}_{x}\) and \(\text{P}_{y}\) denote chains of degrees of @[email protected] \(x\) and \(y\), respectively.
  2. The earlier term 'addition @[email protected]' embraced both the current concepts of 'polyaddition' and '@[email protected]', but did not include '@[email protected]'.
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