preconcentration coefficient

of a desired microcomponent, in trace analysis
This is defined as \[K = \frac{Q_{\text{T}}/Q_{\text{M}}}{Q_{\text{T}}^{\text{o}}/Q_{\text{M}}^{\text{o}}}\] where \(Q_{\text{T}}\) and \(Q_{\text{T}}^{\text{o}}\) are the quantities of the microcomponent in the concentrate and in the sample, respectively (mass units or concentration units), and \(Q_{\text{M}}^{\text{o}}\) and \(Q_{\text{M}}\) and are the quantities of the matrix before and after @P04803@, respectively. If the @R05206@ is 100%, \(K=\frac{Q_{\text{M}}^{\text{o}}}{Q_{\text{M}}}\). The terms enrichment @C01124@ and enrichment factor are not recommended.
PAC, 1979, 51, 1195. (Separation and Preconcentration of Trace Substances. I-Preconcentration for Inorganic Trace Analysis) on page 1198 [Terms] [Paper]