relative retention, \(r\)

in column chromatography
The ratio of the adjusted or net retention volume (time) or retention factor of a component relative to that of a standard, obtained under identical conditions: \[r=\frac{V_{\text{R}i}^{'}}{V_{\text{R}\left(\text{st}\right)}^{'}}=\frac{V_{\text{N}i}}{V_{\text{N}\left(\text{st}\right)}}=\frac{t_{\text{R}i}^{'}}{t_{\text{R}\left(\text{st}\right)}^{'}}=\frac{k_{i}}{k_{\text{st}}}\] Depending on the relative position of the peak corresponding to the standard compound in the @C01071@, the value of \(r\) may be smaller, larger or identical to unity.
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