standard electromotive force
Quantity defined by \(E^{\unicode{x26ac}} = -\frac{\Delta _{\text{r}}G^{\,\unicode{x26ac}}}{n\ F}=\frac{R\ T}{n\ F}\ \ln K^{\,\unicode{x26ac}}\), where \(\Delta _{\text{r}}G^{\,\unicode{x26ac}}\) is the standard Gibbs energy of the cell reaction in the direction in which reduction occurs at the right-hand electrode in the diagram representing the cell ('reduction at right'), \(K^{\unicode{x26ac}}\) is the standard @[email protected] for this reaction, \(n\) its @[email protected], \(F\) the @[email protected], \(R\) the @[email protected] and \(T\) the @[email protected]
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