Zimm plot

A diagrammatic representation of data on @[email protected] from large particles, corresponding to the equation: \[\frac{K_{c}}{\Delta R (\theta)} = \frac{1}{\bar{M}_{\text{w}}\ P (\theta)}+2\ A_{2}\ c+\text{ ... }\] and used for the simultaneous evaluation of the mass average molar mass, \(\bar{M}_{\text{w}}\), the second @[email protected] of the @[email protected], \(A_{2}\), and (usually) the z-average @[email protected], \(< s^{2} > _{\text{z}}^{\frac{1}{2}}\); \(c\) is the mass concentration of the solute, \(\Delta R(\theta)\) the excess @[email protected], and \(P (\theta )\) the @[email protected] that comprises (usually) the z-average @[email protected] \(K\) depends on the solute, the temperature and the type of radiation employed. Several modifications of the Zimm plot are in frequent use; the most common one uses the excess @[email protected] instead of the @[email protected]
Purple Book, 1st ed., p. 66 [Terms] [Book]