diamond by CVD

Synonyms: CVD diamond, low-pressure diamond
@D01671-1@ by CVD (chemical vapour deposition) is formed as crystals or as films from various gaseous @H02889@ or other organic molecules in the presence of activated, atomic hydrogen. It consists of \(\text{sp}^{3}\)-hybridized carbon atoms with the three-dimensional crystalline structure of the @D01671-2@ lattice.
'CVD @D01671@' or 'low-pressure diamond' are synonyms of the term @D01671@ by CVD. @D01671@ by CVD can be prepared in a variety of ways. Deposition parameters are: total (low) pressure, partial hydrogen pressure, precursor molecules in the gas phase, temperature for @A00093@ of the hydrogen and that of the surface of the underlying substrate. The energy supply for the hydrogen @A00093@ may be, for instance: heat, radio frequency, microwave excitation (plasma deposition) or accelerated ions (e.g. Ar+ ions). CVD @D01671@ has also been obtained at atmospheric pressure from oxyacetylene torches and by other flame-based methods. Often CVD carbon films consist of a mixture of \(\text{sp}^{2}\)- and \(\text{sp}^{3}\)‑hybridized carbon atoms and do not have the three-dimensional structure of the @D01671@ lattice. In this case they should be called @H02741@ or @D01673@.
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