flow injection enthalpimetry

Synonym: enthalpimetric flow injection analysis
A term used to describe several related methods in which a transient temperature change in a flowing liquid stream, caused by a chemical reaction, is used to quantitatively determine an analyte. The analyte is introduced as a discrete liquid sample (i.e. @T06284@) into the flowing stream. This definition limits the scope to experiments with primarily an analytical emphasis, performed in a @F02436@ calorimeter. This maintains a clear distinction from classical flow calorimetric methods where reagents are combined continuously in flowing streams, or where the heat effect is measured via the flowing of a fluid over a reaction vessel. An acceptable synonym is enthalpimetric flow injection analysis. Other non-recommended terms which have been used in the literature include @P04459@ and @E02161@. @F02435@ has been used to describe the @F02436@ technique, but its use for this purpose is discouraged.
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