granular carbon
The term granular carbon is equivalent to coarse @P04433@. This is a @C00841@ consisting of separate particles or grains which are monolithic, on the average larger than about \(100\ \unicode[Times]{x3BC}\text{m}\) in diameter, but smaller than about \(1\ \text{cm}\).
Although limits of size cannot be exactly defined, @C01142@ grains obtained by grinding belong to coarse @P04433@ for grain sizes above ca. \(100\ \unicode[Times]{x3BC}\text{m}\), or to fine @P04433@ for grain sizes below ca. \(100\ \unicode[Times]{x3BC}\text{m}\). @C01172@ @G02684@ obtained by grinding of @N04088@ is a typical extra fine @P04433@. Industrial carbon materials (such as electrodes) are made with @F02363@ composed of coarse @P04433@ (@C01142@ grains) and fine @P04433@ (flour), and sometimes even @C01173@, @C00824@ or @S05768@). They are therefore polygranular materials.
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