Gas which obeys the equation of state \(p\, V=n\, R\, T\) (the ideal gas law; \(p\) is the pressure, \(V\) the volume, \(n\) the amount of molecules, \(R\) the @G02579@ and \(T\) the @T06321@). For an ideal gas the @F02543@, \(f\), of each @C01281@ B is equal to its @P04420@, \(p_{\text{B}}\), \(f_{\text{B}}=p_{\text{B}}=x_{\text{B}}\ p\), where \(x_{\text{B}}\) is the amount fraction of B.
Physical Chemistry Division, unpublished [Terms]
See also:
PAC, 1990, 62, 2167. (Glossary of atmospheric chemistry terms (Recommendations 1990)) on page 2196 [Terms] [Paper]