The limit of detection, expressed as the concentration, \(c_{\text{L}}\), or the quantity, \(q_{\text{L}}\), is derived from the smallest measure, \(x_{\text{L}}\), that can be detected with reasonable certainty for a given analytical procedure. The value of \(x_{\text{L}}\) is given by the equation \[x_{\text{L}}=\overline{x}_{\text{bi}}+k\ s_{\text{bi}}\] where \(\overline{x}_{\text{bi}}\) is the mean of the blank measures, \(s_{\text{bi}}\) is the @S05911@ of the blank measures, and \(k\) is a numerical factor chosen according to the @C01246@ desired.
Orange Book, 2nd ed., p. 5 [Terms] [Book]