synthetic graphite
A material consisting of @G02689@ which has been obtained by graphitizing of @N04193@ by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) from hydrobcarbons at temperatures above \(2500\ \text{K}\), by @D01547@ of thermally @U06569@ carbides or by crystallizing from metal melts supersaturated with carbon.
The term @A00460@ is often used as a synonym for synthetic @G02684@. The term synthetic @G02684@ is preferred, however, since @G02684@ crystals can be considered to consist of carbon macromolecules. Although the term synthetic @G02684@ also covers the CVD product @P04964@ as well as the residues of carbide @D01547@, it is predominantly used for @G02693@. Such common use is in line with the above definition. Synonyms for this most important type of synthetic @G02684@ are @A00068@ and @E01967@.
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