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PAC, 1974, 37, 499. Electrochemical nomenclature, doi:10.1351/pac197437040499

anodic transfer coefficient
area of interface
cathodic transfer coefficient, α c
cell constant of a conductivity cell
conditional (formal) potential
differential capacitance
diffusion layer thickness
electrode reaction rate constants
energy of activation of an electrode reaction
exchange current of an electrode reaction
free charge density on the interface
heterogeneous diffusion rate constant in electrochemistry
integral capacitance of an electrode
ionic conductivity
limiting current
Lippman's equation
mean activity of an electrolyte in solution
mean current density
mean exchange current density
medium effect
mixed potential
molar conductivity
partial anodic (cathodic) current
partial kinetic current in electrochemistry
potential at the point of zero charge (p.z.c.)
real potential of a species in a phase
stoichiometric mean molal (practical activity coefficient) in electrochemistry
surface electric potential