Terms sourced from: 10.1351/pac199567081307

"Glossary of class names of organic compounds and reactivity intermediates based on structure (IUPAC Recommendations 1995)", Moss, G.P.;Smith, P.A.S.;Tavernier, D., Pure and Applied Chemistry 1995, 67(8-9), 1307

α-oxo carbenes acenes acetals acetonides acetylenes acetylides aci-nitro compounds acid anhydrides acyl carbenes acyl groups acyl halides acyl species acylals acyloins acyloxyl radicals aglycon alcoholates alcohols aldaric acids aldazines aldehydes aldimines alditols aldoketoses aldonic acids aldoses aldoximes alicyclic compounds aliphatic compounds alkaloids alkanes alkanium ions alkenes alkoxides alkoxyamines alkyl groups alkyl radicals alkylidene groups alkylideneaminoxyl radicals alkylideneaminyl radicals alkylidenes alkylidynes alkynes allenes allylic groups allylic intermediates amic acids amide oximes amidines amidium ions amidrazones aminals amine imides amine imines amine oxides amine ylides amines aminimides aminiumyl radical ions amino radicals amino sugars aminonitrenes aminooxyl radicals aminoxides aminoxyl radicals aminyl oxides aminyl radicals ammonium compounds ammonium imines ammonium ylides ammoniumyl radical ions ampholytes anhydrides anhydro bases anils annulenes annulenylidenes ansa compounds anthocyanidins anthocyanins antiaromatic compounds arene epoxides arene oxides arenes arenols arenonium ions arsanes arsanylidenes arsanylium ions arsenides arsine oxides arsines arsinic acids arsinous acids arsonic acids arsonium compounds arsonous acids arsoranes aryl cations aryl groups arylene groups aryne azanes azimines azines azinic acids azlactones azo compounds azo imides azomethine imides azomethine oxides azomethine ylides azomethines azonic acids azoxy compounds π-adduct acetogenins acid thioanhydrides acyl anions acyl cations acylium ions acyl radicals alkylideneamino carbenes amide hydrazones aminylenes aminylium ions arsinidenes azamines azo ylides alkylenes amides anilides arenium ions aromatic azides aminium ions